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Lake Miltona



Lake Miltona is home to a diverse and healthy fish population — shallow flats, submerged islands, bars and shallow bays provide an ideal habitat for many species.

Anglers will enjoy the tremendous large- and small-mouth bass population, easily tempted with rattling baits and spinners. Crappie and bluegill can be caught in large numbers as the spring waters warm into the summer months. The hunt for Minnesota's famous predator fish, the Walleye, starts the second weekend in May and as the season progresses into fall, Walleye exceeding 30 inches in length are not uncommon. Stocking and conservation efforts from our local dnr and communities has created an outstanding walleye fishery in lake Miltona. If you are a hardcore walleye hunter then lake Miltona is your destination for that trip of a lifetime.

Lake Miltona is also home of the elusive Muskellunge, the fish of 1,000 casts. Anglers come from all around, throwing large ominous-looking baits for hours on end in hope of witnessing one of Miltona's monsters. Many bass anglers have talked of a dark shadowy creature chasing their baits back to the boat then vanishing into the depths. Muskies spawn in April or May when water temps reach 48 to 55 degrees and the season opens in early June.

Muskie anglers often carry a wide variety of lures including bucktails, jerk baits and soft plastics. Low light conditions are supreme times for targeting muskies so early morning and evening hours are great times to fish. A 7 ft.-9 ft. medium-heavy bait casting rod equipped with a high gear ratio bait casting reel will handle most fishing situations. A braided line ranging from 50 lb.-80 lb. test is also necessary for landing these freshwater beasts. Performing a figure-eight motion with your bait before pulling it out of the water will significantly increase your chances of landing this elusive fish and this technique also creates exciting boatside strikes. Lake Miltona's deep holes and large forage base provides trophy habitat for Muskies of more than 50". But, to protect this prize fish, we ask that you consider a catch-and-release policy - after taking plenty of photos of course! 

So whether you are on a quest for the beast or just looking to fill your stringer with eaters, Viking Bay is your destination on Lake Miltona.

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Fishing Guides

Increase the chances of angling success and make your "big fish" story a reality by working with one of the area's expert guides.

Joe Scerugra's Guide Service — Joe Scegura  (320-260-9056) " Top Walleye Guide"
Musky Stalker Guide Service — Dave Williamson (320-491-2898) "Professional Musky Guide"
Minnesota Fishing Guide Service- Capt. Josh Hagemeister (320-291-0708) "Walleyes & Multi-Species"


Lake Recreation

Lake Miltona is also a great water playground for many activites and Viking Bay sits on a sandy stretch of shoreline referred to as the Gold Coast. The golden beach is perfect for volleyball, lounging in your favorite chair or splashing in the waves. The lake's 5,800 acres provides boaters with plenty of room for skiing, wake boarding, tubing and jet skis.